My Life With You


“Madhu? Is that you?” Arjun voice reach my ear. I am still in confused state and think everything is a dream. “Yes,” I reply. “Ha, finally gotcha, I mean your number.” “Where did you get the number and for what you are calling?” “Do you remember something called bag?” “Eh What?” “A bag, a pink bag, a pink slide bag, a pink slide bag with one butterfly keychain…..” “That’s mine,” I hit my head. “Yes, do you remember where it is?” I think where I left it last. But no memories come to my mind. “I don’t know, how did you get my number?” “I know, you will ask this question.” “Where is my bag now, I don’t think you have that.” “You are wrong. I am having your bag. You left that in hospital.” “Shit!!” “What you want me to do now?” “Bring that to college, can you?” “Ok sure.” I cut immediately cut the call and look at my sister Aishu…..


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