My Life With You


I am not still able to believe that so many things could happen in  a day. A day which i thought was going to be my big day. Cold breeze hit my face, as our auto turns left side. I am terribly tired and more than that my hurt foot is paining little. I turn and look at my sister, sleeping calmly on Suresh’s lap. I made her suffer too. “You, ok?” Suresh asks me when he sees my eyes on him. “Did she eat?” i ask him. “Yeah, i made her eat before we got there.” I give ‘that’s a relief’ look. “Who was that?” he asks me suddenly. “Who?” “That guy, Arjun, you said he is your classmate?” “Yes, he is.” “How come he saved you, and what actually happened?” “Its a long story, i need to tell you so many things. Its going to take a lot of time.” “Ok, tell me when we reach home.” I nod my head and rest my head on the seat and close my eyes again processing, why so many thing happened today.

I wash the vessels slowly thinking what all i should do tonight. 1) I need to talk  to  my factory manager and tell him what really happened. 2) I have to start preparing for the test that is going to happen next week. 3) I need to cut vegetables for tomorrow’s cooking. “Busy thinking?” Suresh stops my train of thoughts and bring me to the present state. I wash the last plate and keep it on the sink shelf. “Aishu?” i ask him. “She slept. I came to help you,” he says and takes the cutting board for vegetables, without even asking me and sits on the floor of the kitchen. He knows me perfectly. “Did aunty sleep?” i ask him washing the vegetables for cutting. “She slept an hour ago. I waited for some time to make sure that she is sleeping.” I sit on the floor opposite to him and start cutting carrot. He takes some from my basket and starts cutting his own. “Ready to say, the long story?” he asks me looking in between the cuts. I give a long breath out and start saying from the first  fact of me meeting Sahana and end with how i narrowly escaped a big accident.”I cant believe he is your College Principal’s son!” Suresh looks at me stunned with the knife in his hands. “Why?” i ask him. “He looks so simple and he was really friendly.” “Yes. He is,” I say secretly feeling happy for that fact.

My manager shout to the core when i call him and inform him that i got into an accident and that delayed the submission of my targets. I try to convince him, but he is too angry to hear out what i am saying. “Sir, please, i ll be right there in  the morning and give you everything,” i try to act very polite. “Yes, be right here and submit everything,” he says finally in a chilling voice. “Thanks sir.” ” I dont need your thanks. You are not needed anymore Madhu. I dont want to give any work to you hereafter. Submit the targets tomorrow and get all the due amounts you have from the finance manager,” he says and cuts the call without even waiting for my reply. I stare at the phone screen that shows call ended display. I want to smack the phone on the floor and shout till my heart feels ok. But i silently sit on the floor and look my sleeping sister. As usual i start saying the lines my mother taught me, when i was a kid. “WHATEVER THE PROBLEM BE, WHOEVER THE ENEMY BE, HOW MUCH PAIN IT BE, I WILL WITHSTAND EVERYTHING.” I repeat the lines mentally and think about my mother, which brings more pain. With that pricking pain, i take the Java book and start reading it.

My morning starts as usual, but my mood is not that good as yesterday. Suresh finds my mood and maintain silence. My aunt as usual shout at me for making a horrible breakfast. I avoid all these things and try to eat my bread. “Will my guardian come today?” Aishu asks me eating her last piece of bread. “Who?” i ask confused. “My guardian, yesterday we met him in the hospital.” “You are talking about Arjun,:” i say her smiling. “Yes, Arjun, my guardian.” I smile seeing how she is involved in that game Arjun introduced. “I dont think you will meet your guardian again. ” “Why? he promised me that he will come again to meet me.” “He will be busy ok, dont pester him.” She looks sad and continues eating her bread toast. I wonder what magic this guy had made to everyone around me. Suresh likes him, Sahana likes him and even more my shy sister who dosent  get well with others too like him. My phone rings suddenly. Aishu as usual grab my phone and answer it. “Give me the phone Aishu,” i stretch my hand. “Oh its my guardian,” she shouts, smiling eye to eye looking at me. “What?” i gasp. It cant be. Arjun dosent know my number. Even more why he is calling right in the morning. “I am good, how are you?” Aishu talks to him. I look at her still not able to believe that she is talking to Arjun. Aishu hands my phone and say that he wanted to talk to me. I place the receiver in  my ear and hear his voice,”Madhu……..”



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