My Life With You


Tears run down my cheeks making my vision blur. I dont know what made me cry like that. I dont know why my heart feels so hurt for a stranger, who i barely know. “Hey, what is this?” Arjun sounds mortified. “I made this to you,”I say wiping my eyes and trying to control my tears, which flows without a break. “You didn’t do anything. Ok. Just relax now,” he sounds feared as well as soothing. I automatically obey his words and try to relax myself. I wipe my tears and look at him. “Now, you look ok,” he says with a smile. I shake my head and say, “I wont accept that i am not the reason for your present state.” “Its not you, but me….” “Please dont say anything. I am the full responsible person for your hand being like this.” Arjun opens his mouth to say something, but he gets distracted when a doctor enters the room. “Arjun,” the doctor says smiling. “Hello Sharma Uncle,”Arjun says waving his non-bandaged hand. “Oh, your hand looks a mess,” Dr. Sharma says and sits on the bed where Arjun is sitting. “Don’t mind that. How are you? I thought of visiting you early by next week.” “What a shame, what a shame, now look, you are here.” “Your bad energy made me come here. You are totally evil uncle.” The doctor smiles and reply,”Yes. Look what is really going to happen to you because of my bad energy.” I look between them and get confused by their odd conversation. Arjun notices my puzzled face and grins widely. “Uncle, you have to meet my friend Madhu Mitha,” Arjun points me to Dr. Sharma. I give a faint smile to him. “Hello, Hello what a pretty girl,” he says turning to my side. “Madhu, he is Sharma uncle. He is a doctor here,” Arjun says to me. “Oh,” i give him a one word answer as i didn’t know what to say further. Sharma uncle smiles at me and shows his hand for a shake. ‘Oh what is this? why everyone wanted to shake their hands with me today.’ I take my hand and shake with him. “Are we friends?” he asks just like Arjun asked me this morning. I blink a second and shake my head. “Great meeting you Madhu Mitha, we ll see later. Take care of this ugly boy,” he says and gets up. “Are you going?” Arjun asks him. “Yes, ugly boy, i have one patient to look.Bye,” he says and moves out. Arjun laughs when i see him with a quizzical look. “Who is he?” i ask him. “My uncle,” he replies. “Your uncle means, i dont understand.” “If i say, he is my uncle, then you should obviously think that he is my father’s brother.” “Father’s brother?” i repeat after him. “Yes.” “Why he  is talking in that way.” “What way?” “He was calling you ugly boy, he said your hands were a mess…” “Thats the way he shows his love to me.” “I dont get it.” “Well, to his point, he is showing his love towards me. He is always like this. Kind of funs isn’t it?” “I don’t get this sarcastic way of showing your love to someone,” I say in disbelief. “You are kind of that way, you know,” Arjun says with quirk smile. I open my mouth to say something but find my cousin Suresh along with  my sister Aishwariya entering the room.

“Madhu,” my sister runs towards me. “What are you doing here?” I ask her and look at Suresh for explanation. “I waited for you, the toy factory manager called home and said you didn’t come today to submit your outputs. So I went to your college and found from some students  that you got hurt,” he says and gives a pause to look at Arjun. “Hi,” Arjun says to Suresh. Aishwariya hides behind me and peeps at Arjun for a better look. Suresh look at me asking a signal to respond. I show my eyes to him, that he is not a problem. Its a kind of way we have developed from childhood to communicate. After getting my signal, Suresh smiles at him and says hi. “I am Arjun,” Arjun says with a big smile. Suresh shakes his head and says, “Nice meeting you.” “He saved me from an accident today while crossing roads. He got hurt because of the that,” I say to Suresh. “Its not a big deal,” Arjun says turning his attention to Aishwariya. Aishu hides behind me to avoid meeting him. “Why are you hiding, princess?” Arjun address Aishu who is squinting behind my legs. “I am not,” she says and steps next to me shyly. “Princess, you look good in your pretty frock,” Arjun says and salutes looking at her. Aishu giggles and ask him, “Am I  a princess?” “Yes Princess, you are the princess and I am your guardian,” Arjun says and bows his head for Aishwariya.

Suresh tries to pay the bill, but Arjun declines the fact, saying that they wont be getting any bill as his uncle Sharma will take care of that. Suresh shakes his head for everything as he is confused with the total situation. I need to explain him, who this Arjun is actually. All the time we stayed there, Arjun and Aishwariya were so busy in their Princess- Guardian world while Ram uncle and Suresh took care of all the medicines and test reports. Its was almost night when we came out of the hospital. Suresh and I went before, while Arjun, Aishwariya and Ram uncle followed us. Suresh calls an auto and looks back at Aishwariya to come.”We need to go home,”he  say to her. “We can all go in my car,” Arjun says to Suresh and come near us. “No thanks,” Suresh replies. “Its not a big deal bro, look Madhu’s leg is not in good condition.” “I don’t mind travelling in an auto. Thanks though,” I say and extend my hand for Aishu, who is standing with Arjun. She takes my hand and waves him a bye. “Ok fine,” he says waving his hand. I say a quick thanks to Ram uncle and take the auto. When we turn away from the hospital, my eyes trail over the still standing Arjun, whose eyes is also looking at me which defiantly holds the world’s kindness……..


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