My Life With You


Crossing a road is not my cup of tea always. Every time i struggle a lot while crossing a road. Suresh, my cousin, will be there always to guide me, but today i stand alone outside my college looking panicked to cross the road. I take my steps forward and  come back when i see vehicles approaching. “May i know what are you doing?” Arjun steps next to me from no where and flashes his, ‘i am going to make fun of you’ look. “I dont want to hear your jokes right now,” i say irritated. “Are you always like this?” “Like what?”I snap. “Lets say, rude mixed with vanity.” He has just said me that i am rude. “I am, who i am. I am not asking you to talk to me. I am not asking you to be my friend. Ok. Clear,” I say and turn my head away from him. “So we are friends, I didn’t know that,” he says smiling. I shake my head in disbelief. Why people are behaving strangely towards me, my mind asks me. I ignore him and move towards the road and thats when a truck rushes to my side. Within a fraction of second, Arjun pulls me and together we fall down. A strong pain shoots in my right leg, where i see blood oozing slowly. My surrounding spins and i feel like vomiting. “Are you ok?” Arjun asks me and thats when i realize that he is lying next to me on the road with scratches on his right hand. “O my god, what happened to your hand?” i ask him. As it is outside the college campus, people start surrounding us.’ Help! Help! ‘ someone cries. “Are you ok?” Arjun asks me again and tries to get up. Some girls help me sit up and collect my bag, which is now torn every where. “Arjun, Arjun….,” shouts a old man and come near us. He helps Arjun to get up. Arjun shouts in pain, when that man touches his right hand. “Sorry, Arjun,” that man apologies and his face really shows worries for Arjun’s pain. I try to get up and fail when my legs feel the pain. Arjun holds me when i fall down again. “Ram uncle, help her first,” Arjun says to the old man and immediately that old man sweeps me from the ground and carries me in his arms, as if i weight nothing. Arjun follows us carrying my torn bag. That old man carries me and makes me sit in a car’s back seat and occupies the driving seat.Following him, Arjun sits next to him. “What? I am mean, what are you doing?” i finally speak. “Lets us  go to a hospital,” Arjun says. The old man starts the car, as Arjun said about hospital. “But no. I dont want to go there. I have to go to some other place,” i protest. “You cant even stand properly, did you know that. Ram uncle take us to a hospital,” Arjun says giving me, one of his angriest look. “I dont want to go,” i say trying to move. But pain pricks my leg when i try to move it. Both the old man and Arjun remain silent. I scold myself for making such a mess. Now i have to go late to the factory, where i have promised to submit the dolls by time. Aishwariya, my sister, has do all the works my aunt ask her to do. “Listen, i have an important work. I have to go,” i try to convince them. Both of them keep silent. “Arjun please,” i say at last not knowing what to say to stop them from taking me to a hospital. “What work?” he turns and asks me. I tell him that i work in a doll factory, where i have to submit my targets today. He looks surprised. “Which factory?” the old man asks me. “Heritage ltd, but my products are in my friends house.” “We will go there after visiting the hospital. Thats it no more arguments,” Arjun says controlling his pain.

Doctors asks us both to take scan and X ray. The old man guides us both to the required testing rooms. I go and see a lady doctor while Arjun meets with a male  doctor. “Your leg got sprained a little, nothing to worry,” the lady doctor ushers me. I breath normally hearing her words. “But i feel pain when i walk?” i ask her when she starts writing my prescription. “Thats nothing. We have given a pain killer injection to you, so dont worry about the pain anymore. Sleep tight today and you wont fell the pain tomorrow,” she says smiling and hands my prescription. “Thanks doctor,” i say and leave the room walking slowly. When i come out of the room, i find the old man waiting for me. “They said, its nothing,” i say to him. He nods his head sadly and walks me towards a chair and make me sit. “What happened?” i ask him. “Arjun… Arjun got his hand fractured.” My environment feels suddenly strange to me. ‘Arjun got his hand fractured…’ i hear the words again and again. Without saying anything i get up from the chair and walk toward his room.

In a bed, Arjun sits with big bandages covering his right hand. “Hey! what happened? Are you ok?” he asks me when he sees me inside the room. He checks my leg and find a bandage. “I am ok,” i say to him and sit on a chair opposite to him. The old man follows me and enters the room. He immediately looks sad when he sees the big bandage in Arjun’s hand. “Ram uncle, take Madhu to her friend’s house and then make sure she reaches the factory,” Arjun says. “No. I will go there later,” i say. “You said today is your target day.” “I can say something to them.” “Ok. Then your wish.” I keep silent for a minute and ask him. “Your hand, is it paining?” He looks at me and nods his head. Guilty feeling fills me. If i have seen the truck properly before moving, nothing would have happened now. “I am sorry,” i say to him controlling my tears. “I should say that to you. If i was not there to tease you, you would have seen the truck coming.” Whatever tears which i have been holding for a long time burst open and flow down form my eyes………




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