Professor Reddy was not that much old, as i imagined. His photos in the webpages of the college showed him much older than the real one. He walks inside my class briskly and occupies the stage. Viraj walks behind him and stays near him. We all stand up and respect him, some with fear, some with respect, and like me some with excitement. He is the man of the college, very well know by his research works in the field of computer science. Many students  opt Computer Science as their field, only because of him. He asks us to take our seats. He scans the entire class for a few seconds and he starts talking. “Good Afternoon,” he say and waits for us to reply him back. “Good. I am so glad to meet my new friends. I am so glad that you will all work with me.” Some students shout ‘Thank you sir’. “Well well, i am here to tell you, my friends, that there is going to be a project work which you all have to think about. Did you guys know about that?” he asks the students raising his eyebrow. ‘Yes sir,’ I  hear a chorus and even i see someone standing and telling him that he is so much interested in doing that. Professor Reddy gives us his smile and starts talking about the project work again. He explains that only 2 people as a team will be able to do that and he also explains how important that project work is going to be in our education and as well as career. “Remember, my dear friends, only two among you can get that opportunity. So be wise and act wise. Your senior Viraj will explain all the other details. Wish you all the best,” he says and moves out flashing his enthusiastic smile.

“Attention class,” Viraj now address the class. “Ok . You guys might have heard about what Professor Reddy said. Its an valuable opportunity and please my advice is don’t fail to grab them.” He gives a pause and again continues. “There is going to be a test next week. The test which will help you to grab that project with Professor Reddy.” “What kind of test?” someone gets up and asks Viraj. “Every year, the pattern of the test will change. So this year it will be on Java coding.” People around the class immediately start talking about what they know in that subject. “I am sure going to flop it,” Sahana says and shakes her head in disappointment. I think what I know in that field. My chances are really hard too. I know only certain things about this Java coding. “I know its bit difficult for you guys. But there is no other option. Its a kind of situation were you have to do or die,” Viraj ends his speech looking really serious. “Sir?” one stout guy from the last seat stands up. “Yes,” Viraj replies. “Sir, how to prepare for this test?” “Good question. You can access the library books, you can also ask help from your seniors or some other people. You have one week. Make sure you utilize that properly,” he says and fix his eyes on me as if the words he said are meant for me.

I search the entire row of the library to find a book which is good for learning Java coding. But I confuse myself which one to choose. I walk around checking as much as many books I can and try to come to a conclusion. “Confused Madhu?” I see Viraj leaning on a book a rack with his hands folded and watching me. “Sir,” I say not knowing what to say. He smiles and walks towards me. Why the hell, he is coming again and again, I think myself with a scowl. “You know Effective Java by Josh Bloch is a good  book for the starters in Java coding,” he says and picks a book from a rack behind me and hands that to me. I check the book, by flipping around the pages and its contents. “You know there is also website called Scribd, where you can learn this stuff about Java.” “Scribd,” I repeat after him and nod my head. “Thanks,” I reply again after some time. He smiles and shakes his head approving. “So, are we friends? or you are still scared of me sweet heart?” “I am not scared of you sir.” “Then,” he shows his hand towards me for a shake. I hesitate a minute, thinking that he is going to force me to shake his hand again. But he remains silent and waits for me to respond. I give the negative feeling about him from my mind and shake his hand, not knowing what his thoughts are…….



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