My Life With You


“Thats ok,” i say to Arjun avoiding his eyes. “You want me to leave?” Arjun asks me looking guilty. “No need. You said we are friends right?” Sahana says and looks at me hotly. O God, what a mess I have made, I scold myself. “I said ‘thats ok’, did you hear that?” I say now looking at his eyes which looks sad. He slowly nods his head and gives his boyish grin. “Thats it. Guys now eat your lunch. We have class in half an hour,” Sahana breaks the ice between us and makes the environment normal. We start eating our lunch. I scoop the milky curd rice and eat it. Sahana eats her Pasta, while Arjun stabs his noodles. After a minute, Arjun asks me,”You want some Noodles?” “No thanks.” “But i want your Curd Rice,” he says looking at my box. “Seriously you are not joking right?” i ask him not able to believe what he is saying. I was showing my anger face just a minute ago and now he is asking for my food as if nothing happened. “No. I am not joking. Your food looks good.” I give him a surprised look and hand over my box to him. He takes the curd rice using his fork and eats bits and bits of the rice slowly. “Why there is so many curry leaves in your box?” he asks and starts eating them one by one. “Because i dont like them,” i reply. “I love them,” he says eating the curry leaves he finds.”You guys are two extremes, you know,” Sahana says and give me a look that she is also present  in that place. “Here,” Arjun hands the box to me after eating all the curry leaves in the entire box. “You should be comfortable here right?” Sahana asks him munching her Pasta. “Not like that, i grew up mostly in Delhi with my sister Sundari.” “You have a sister? I never heard that Dr. RadhaKrishnan having a daughter.” she says surprised. He gives a sad smile for her words and maintain silence. “What is you sister doing?” she continues. “She is a Doctor, like my mother.” “You seem missing her,” Sahana adds her words. “Yes a little, but she will be coming in a week to Chennai as my brother-in-law is getting transferred.” “Oh. I understand,”she says nodding her head. After a minute he adds, “And thats the only reason i am here.” A silence prevails around us. Sahana gives a me look,’did i do anything wrong.’ “I have one more curry leave, do you want?” I ask him holding the box. He looks at me and gives me a smile, which confuses my mind again. “I would love to,” he says and takes the curry leaves from box.

After lunch, we sit in our class for our afternoon session. Sahana constantly looks at Arjun’s side and checks him out. Not only Sahana, almost the entire class looks at him as if he is a rare animal. Arjun sits straight without looking at any of them, starring the board. Some boys try to talk with him and for which he replies politely and not with his usual enthusiasm. What might be his problem? He is a rich grandson and son of the Correspondent and Principal of this college, then what makes him sad and deprived. “Why are you looking at him like a eagle?” I ask Sahana. “He seems upset. I think i made him upset.” “What did you do?” “You forgot, i made him think about his parents.” “I dont quite get it, what his problem?” “You dont know about his parents?” “He is our Principal’s son, what else?” “They are divorced.” “Oh. Thats really something,” I say and turn to look at him without my sense. Thats when Viraj enters the class with Professor Reddy…….




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