“O My God!! He is our principal’s son,” Sahana almost shouts and even the entire class looks stunned. This is it!! This is the reason for Professor Prakasam’s smile. That means he is the grandson of the entire AVSM Groups head, Professor Rangarajan, who is a very famous scholar in Mathematics in Tamil Nadu. So he is a very wealthy kid then the people who are sitting here. While i was processing all these things, Viraj calls me to the podium with his flashing grin. Sahana mocks me while i go and even this Arjun who looked gloomy just before, looks curious when i step up the podium. I formally introduce myself and tell them that my hobby is reading books and passion is to work in a MNC. I say them that my parents are dead and there is nothing to tell about them and that’s when the entire class turns like a sad movie. “I am sorry for making you speak that out,” Viraj says and looks at me really sad. “Thats ok sir, i am used to it.” I again turn to my class and address them, where everyone looks like a frozen picture. SHIT!! I really dont like this kind of situations. I give them a warm smile, say thank you and step down the podium. Sahana hugs me when i reach my place. I gently push her away from me and sit straight not showing any  expressions. I never wanted people’s sympathy towards me. I only wanted respect, but never once had that all my life. Everywhere i go, people look at me with sympathy or they treat me however they want as i had no one to talk on my behalf. I generally avoid telling people that my parents are no more, but this kind of situations will always lead me do this.

       Rest of period goes in other introductions. I sit in my place silently praying for the arrival of the lunch hour, so that i can run away from these peoples and get myself composed for the upcoming class. “Are you ok?” Saharan asks me and looks at me with sympathy filling eyes.”Yes. I was thinking something else. What happened? I ask her and look at the room which seems now bussing and people are formally introducing themselves to others. “The period got over and viraj sir left the class. You didn’t notice, he was only looking at you,” she says and looks at me smiling. “I dont know whether he looked at me or not.  I am going to the canteen to get my lunch,” i say and get up. Suddenly Sahana hugs me tightly and pats my back like my father, saying that she is happy to meet me…

         I walk thinking about my father and his nature of patting me on the back when i used to help my mother in her works. He was a father who everybody wanted in their life. He never taught me to fear. Thats why i am like this. People kind of think me that i am arrogant. I wanted to show them that i am not incapable in any way with them. “Hey!!” someone says and stand before me blocking my way and thats when i come out of my mind and stop walking. There before me stands the Grandson of the owner of this college, Arjun smiling with all his teeth. “What?” i ask him. “Where are you going?” he asks me as if he knows me for a long time. “To the canteen,”i say pointing the way where i was going and thats when i again come to conscious that i have been walking through the men’s lavatory side. “I didn’t come here,” i say and look at the way i came through. “You didn’t then? Then who else made you come here. Lets us guess? Perhaps a ghost,” he mocks and laughs looking at me. I stare at him without able to believe that he is laughing at me. “Hey laugh yaar…,” he says looking at my serious face.  I turn around and walk away from him fast. “Hey wait up for me,” he says and runs to catch up with me. “What do you want now?” i ask him stopping my heavy steps. “I will accompany with you to the canteen as i am also going there.” “Why should i come with you, go on your own.” “Because you are my classmate, so i thought you will be my friend.” I chuckle hearing this. “What?” he asks smiling. “You are different,” i say. “Then we are friends right?””I dont know,” i say and start walking smiling to myself…..


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