My life with you


“Lets start from the first bench,” Viraj says and looks at our side. “Are you going or shall I go?” Sahana asks me. “You go first,” I say and try to cool myself. Sahana gets up from her place and walks to the podium. “You can introduce yourself now,” Viraj says to her. She politely wishes the class a good morning and start introducing herself. “I am Sahana Shetty. I did my schoolings in California. I am happy to be here and I hope I will have a wonderful college life. Thank You,” Sahana says and looks at Viraj. “You can tell about your abilities, what you are good at doing. That will help during the college festive time,” Viraj kind of orders her and she shakes her head for that. “I can dance a little bit of ballet and I can also play keyboard. I will tell about my parents now, can I ?” she says and looks at Viraj, for which he motions her speak. “My parents are both doctors and my entire family is in America, that’s why I did my schooling there. That’s all about me. Thank you guys,” she says and steps down form the podium. “Now lets hear form the boy from the first bench,” Viraj says and looks at Arjun keenly. Arjun stands up coolly and walks briskly toward the podium. He stands in the center and glance the entire class giving his male model smile. “Hey guys,” Arjun says and waits for the response. All the girls in the class, including Sahana says hi to him with a stupid grin in their faces. “Great,” he says and looks at me. What’s that? I think. Is it a big problem for not saying a hi to him. I raise my eyebrow and ask him what? He smiles again and changes his attention to the class. “I am Arjun, Arjun Radhakrishnan, I didn’t do my schooling in a cool place like California , I did it in Delhi Public School.” The whole class goes laughing and even Sahana blushes for nothing. He continues talking about his passion of playing football. He even informs that he has won national level competitions in football. “Is that all?” Viraj says and looks at Arjun with questioning look. “Yup what is there dude,” he says with a cool accent. “Tell us about your parents dude.” Arjun’s smile vanishes and his face become pale. “You want me to?” he looks at him helpless. “Its Mandatory dude,” Viraj says in a mocking way. “Who are his parents?” Sahana asks me in whisper. “How do I know??” I say and look at them seriously not able to understand what is going on. “Fine, since our President is so interested in knowing about my parents, I will tell about them. My father is Dr. Radhakrishnan, Principal of this AVSM college and my mother is Dr. Sandhya, chief doctor in AIIMS. That’s it guys. Thanks for hearing me,” he says and steps down immediately from the podium and walks to his place without looking at anybody and even without his usual smile…….


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