My Life With You


“Girls, this is your classroom,” Viraj stands before one room and shout to us. Sahana pulls me with her and together we walk fast to the spot. “Hope you have a good first day Madhu and you too,” he says looking at us. “Thanks sir,” Sahana says giving her trademark,’ toothpaste advertisement heroine smile’. “See you then,” he says particularly to me and walks away from us. “Thank God,” I say happily and entre the class. “You could have been little polite with him,” Sahana says following me. “I was polite, you saw me asking him everything polite, he was ragging me that’s why I acted little rude.” “I don’t think he ragged you.” “What?” “He seems interested in you,” she says with a smile. “Come on, he saw me just for one minute.” “That is more than enough to like a person,” she says and walk past me to sit on a table. She chooses the last bench and sits there. “You are going to sit there?”, I ask her. “Yes, come here.” “I don’t think that’s a good place to sit,” I say and sit on the first bench. “Seriously,” she shouts and stomps her feet. “Yes,” I say and ignore her. “Oh god, I never sat on a front bench,” she says and walks to my bench. “You should try new places,” I say to her and give her space to sit. “I don’t think you are a normal girl, am I right?” “I am not sure about that,” I say and smile.

As time passes, students in tensed faces start filling the class. I don’t show interest in any of them, but Sahana seem interested in every boy and girl she sees. “Don’t you think, that guy is looking good with his specks?” she asks me. I look at the direction she points and find a boy wearing a red framed specks. “Seriously Sahana, I am not interested in any of this.” “Why are you like this, its all for fun.” “Whatever, it is no fun to me,” I say and concentrate on the book I was reading. After some time a bell rings, announcing us that the class has started. A old man enters the class and introduce him as Professor Prakasam to us. “Students, I am going to be your Computer Science professor and more than that I am also your class advisor. So if you have any doubts or problems, you can approach me whenever you wanted. “Yes sir,” the class shouts in chorus. He seems pleased with our response, so he takes the attendance and starts calling out the names. “Anjali, Arun, Aravind, Arjun…. Arjun….” He looks from his register when there was no response for his call. “Is Arjun here?” he asks again. No one responds, so he continues calling other names following him. After the register work, he starts teaching the basics required for the first semester papers. I take notes for all that he is teaching, though I know all that stuff as a back of my hand. “Excuse me sir,” a  bold voice echoes the class and everybody including Professor Prakasam look at the door. “O my God,” Sahana hoots and even some girls make comment looking at the door. “May I come in sir,” that bold voice ask again to which Professor Prakasam says yes and that’s when I look at him, without knowing that he is going to be my life changer.

A tall guy in trendy clothes and shoes enters the class. “He is really looking gorgeous,” Sahana whispers in my ear. Yes he is really looking good, but I don’t give much thought about that, as that is not my purpose here. “What?” Sahana asks me. “What?” I ask her again. She opens her mouth to say something, but closes when that guy come near our table. He chooses the first bench in the boys row and starts giving his explanation for his late arrival, as his car got punctured in the middle and he apologizes for that. “That’s ok, You are Arjun right?” Professor Prakasam ask him. “Yes sir,” he replies. A small hint of smile appears in Professor face and he asks him to get with the class.  In between the lecture he asks us some question, to which I answer half and that Arjun answer half. This makes me look at him again and that’s when I notice him looking at me……..


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