My life with you

Chapter 4

I walk towards the group leaving Sahana behind me. “Excuse me,” I say and cut in between them. Everyone stops talking and look at me annoyed and astonished. Silence, then a guy, who resembles little like Ranbir Kapoor responds, “Yes.” “Well, can you tell me where are the first year blocks are?” “Of course I will tell you, by the way, are you a first year?” “Yes.” “May I know your good name please?” He is ragging you, my mind screams. But I tell myself that I am not afraid of these kind of people. I have leaded my life almost alone in everything. “I am Madhu Mitha,” I say to him. He raises his eyebrows and repeats my name. “And your department?” he asks looking even more comfortable. “Why are you asking me that?” I reply to him harshly, hating to look at his comfort face. The group gasps by my tone and looks at me weird and this confuse me.

After a minute of silence, that Ranbir Kapoor like guy asks me what I was saying. What kind of ragging is this I think myself. “Are you kidding, I am literally shouting the matter. Where are the first year blocks are? Do anyone know here, “I ask the other members of the group shifting my attention from that guy. But the faces of the group members show me that they are all shocked.

“Hey, sorry to disturb you guys,” Sahana intervenes in our conversation and pulls me along with her. “Wait Madhu,” that Ranbir Kapoor blocks my way. “You cannot take her, without my permission like this,” he says to Sahana and looks at me. “Oh god,” Sahana whispers near my ear. “I will handle this,” I say to her and move forward. “What do you want?” Why the hell are you blocking my way,” I ask looking into his eyes. His face hardens hearing the words, but soon slowly he starts to smile. “I am Viraj,” he shows his hands to me to shake. I look at him displeased. Is he ragging me? I ask myself. As I stand without taking his hand, he himself takes mine with him and shakes. “Now, if you say your department sweetie, I will show you the way there,” he says looking at me fully pleased. “We are Computer Science,” Sahana says to him as I didn’t open my mouth. “Cool, our department. Come with me,” he says and walks casually putting his hands inside his jeans pocket. Sahana takes my hand and drags me with her. “Why he is behaving like this?” I ask her. “I told you, now see, he is also our senior.””I didn’t do anything wrong right?” I ask her. “I am not sure about that…..” she says and looks at me worried.



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