My life with you

Chapter 3

I walk all my way to the bus stop and ride the  bus which takes me to my  new college. I finally stand before my dream of 5 years, which looks as best as possible. Students with smiling faces, walk past through me carrying their bags and books. “Excuse me,” I stop one such girl who is in a tank top and tight jeans. She stops and looks at me surprised. I could make out her surprise from her annoyed eyes, which fills with make up. “I am sorry to disturb you, but can you please tell where are the first year blocks are?” I ask as politely as I can. She relaxes and smiles. “I don’t know about that, since I am also a first year student.” “Oh, never mind, well, I am MADHU MITHA, computer science department,” I hold my hands to her. She shows her well polished and manicured hands to me and shakes my hand. “I am Sahana, same department.” “Nice to  meet you,” I say  with a smile. “Yeah, me too, lets find the class together if you want,” she asks me sliding her fancy messenger bag on her shoulder. Must be rich, I think myself and smile at her. “Which school are you from?” she asks me while walking. “I am from  Velammal, you?” “You wont know the school, I didn’t do schooling here.” Surprising!! “Then?” I ask her. “I did my schooling in California, Pasadena.” “Oh, I haven’t heard about that Pasadena, but I know California,” I add sarcastically. “My dad lives there,” she adds not understanding my sarcasm. We walk together through the lawn and entre the  main campus of the college. “Hey, let me ask them about the class,” I point a bunch of senior students who were standing under a tree to her. “What if they rag you?,” she asks me innocently. “Would they? I ask her not caring much about that stuff.  “I heard a lot, that most of the Indian college seniors, rag their juniors. “Well well, that’s ok, I don’t care about that, I will go and ask them. You wait here,” I say and move towards the group, where one person among them is going to be an important one in my life……….


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