Chapter 2

“Wake up, wake up….,” I push Rajesh as usual who shows no reaction. Besides him sits Suresh, drinking his coffee silently as if nothing is happening. “So?” he asks placing the cup on the table and looks at me struggling with his brother. “So what? Help me..,” I look at him worried. “You are going to your dream college as per your wish.” He doesn’t seem to care about what is happening. “Yes, now wake this guy up. I have works to do.” He looks at me deep and smacks his brother on his back. Rajesh gets up in pain and looks terrified. “Drink your coffee,” I say to him who looks still sleepy. “What time is it?” he asks looking innocent. “Its time for you to bathe,” I tell him and carry the cup Suresh has kept. “I will do that,” Suresh says and takes the cup with him out.

“Aishu…??” I wake my little sister who sleeps with the same smile spreading. “Let me sleep for 10 more minutes,” she says and turns her face away from me. “You cant, look, its already late. Remember what day is today?” “Hmm, what it is, Is today your college day?” she says sleepily. “Yes,” I reply. Hearing my words she springs up from the mat where she was lying. “How do I look?” I ask for her approval, as I am wearing the dress she purchased for me when we went out to buy some clothes for my college use. She grins and points her thumps up. “Thanks angel, now its your time to get up, and remember today you have to help our aunt with the works as I will be coming late,” I tell her. “Ah I have a test tomorrow,” she grumbles. “I know angel, we will study together till you finish reading, but today I have to submit the dolls in the factory as it is my due date.” “OK then,” she shakes her head sadly.

I finish cooking our breakfast and take my aunt’s food to her room. Its our custom to eat only after her, even though we are in the verge of fainting of hunger. After cleaning the vessels with the help of my sister I make her eat. “Eat up fast,” I rush my sister who tears boringly the toasted bread and jam. “Come on its getting late,” I tell her. “Give me some time, I am not able to swallow this thing.” Pain shoots inside me, hearing her telling about the food. But that’s all we get. My hardest fight made my aunt give Aishu a cup of milk, which I don’t get at all. “I know its hard, look today I will get pay for the dolls, so when I return will get you a Dairy Milk,” I say to boost her mood. “Really,” she gets surprised and eats her bread. “Are you ready?” Suresh comes asking Aishwariya. “Yes, I am,” says Aishu and runs from the table to pick her bag up. Its Suresh who takes Aishwariya to school despite my aunts protest. Suresh is the kind of our only hope in that house…..



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