My life with you

 Chapter 1

Beeps of the alarm wake me up from a very good dream. I get up and look at my surroundings which looks as usual nasty with boxes and old stuffs. I look at my little sister who is sleeping next to me peacefully, without any disturbances from the alarm sound. I see a small smile playing on her lips. She might also be dreaming something good to her, like eating an ice-cream or chocolate. What will an 11 year old kid have in her dream? I smile seeing her smile and get up to do my daily routine of work for the past 10 years. I rush to the kitchen to wash all the vessels, which was used for last night dinner.  I scrub them as fast as possible in order to jump into the next task of cutting the vegetables and preparing the basic things for the day’s meal. I then rush my way to the entrance to sweep the floor. “Are you still sweeping out there?” my aunt shouts from her bed room’s window.”Yes aunty, 2 more minutes,” i tell her and clean the place quickly. Its my uncle’s home we are staying. Ever since my parents died when i was 10 years old and when my sister Aishwariya was a 1 year old baby, we live with my aunt and her children. Since my uncle works in Dubai, he visits his home only occasionally in a year. So practically its my aunt who is the head of the house.

“Did you finish cutting the vegetables, i need to prepare vegetable rice for Suresh and Rajesh,” my aunt asks me when i enter the house with the broom. “Yes, i have kept them over there,” i point her the place where i have kept the finely chopped vegetables and move to bathroom to clean up myself since its my big day. “This your big day,” i tell myself seeing the bathroom mirror. All my school my days are over long ago, from today onward i am going to go to the best engineering college of Tamil Nadu. I have worked very hard in order to get into that college. “Are you still taking bath, come out soon and help me in cooking,” my aunt shouts again.

“Seems you are very happy to go that college?” my aunt gives me an odd look. I know that she didn’t like the very thought of me getting into that college. She wants me to help her like this till her last breath. But my dreams are different. I wanted to get out this house as soon as possible and give a happy life to Aishu  which i had lost. I wanted to lead a life where everything is good for my little sister which is not now. “I am tensed aunty,” i say to her helping in mixing the gravy with the rice. “Tensed, i dont believe that. “Which tended girl gets a scholarship for her higher studies?” I don’t answer her, because this is a type of question which she will turn into an argument, that I only study but don’t help her. “Shall I take the coffee to Suresh and Rajesh, they might get late?” I ask her. “Get it, get it soon. Wake your little devil so that she does some earnest work in her life,” saying my aunt again busies herself in mixing the rice. I prepare coffee for both her kids. Suresh, who is elder than me is searching for a job and Rajesh, who is one year younger than me is studying 12th standard. Its my work for the past 10 year to prepare coffee for them but never had a drop in that. I take the cups and walk to their bedroom to wake them up, cheerfully thinking again that its my big day…



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