My Life With You


“Madhu? Is that you?” Arjun voice reach my ear. I am still in confused state and think everything is a dream. “Yes,” I reply. “Ha, finally gotcha, I mean your number.” “Where did you get the number and for what you are calling?” “Do you remember something called bag?” “Eh What?” “A bag, a pink bag, a pink slide bag, a pink slide bag with one butterfly keychain…..” “That’s mine,” I hit my head. “Yes, do you remember where it is?” I think where I left it last. But no memories come to my mind. “I don’t know, how did you get my number?” “I know, you will ask this question.” “Where is my bag now, I don’t think you have that.” “You are wrong. I am having your bag. You left that in hospital.” “Shit!!” “What you want me to do now?” “Bring that to college, can you?” “Ok sure.” I cut immediately cut the call and look at my sister Aishu…..


My Life With You


I am not still able to believe that so many things could happen in  a day. A day which i thought was going to be my big day. Cold breeze hit my face, as our auto turns left side. I am terribly tired and more than that my hurt foot is paining little. I turn and look at my sister, sleeping calmly on Suresh’s lap. I made her suffer too. “You, ok?” Suresh asks me when he sees my eyes on him. “Did she eat?” i ask him. “Yeah, i made her eat before we got there.” I give ‘that’s a relief’ look. “Who was that?” he asks me suddenly. “Who?” “That guy, Arjun, you said he is your classmate?” “Yes, he is.” “How come he saved you, and what actually happened?” “Its a long story, i need to tell you so many things. Its going to take a lot of time.” “Ok, tell me when we reach home.” I nod my head and rest my head on the seat and close my eyes again processing, why so many thing happened today.

I wash the vessels slowly thinking what all i should do tonight. 1) I need to talk  to  my factory manager and tell him what really happened. 2) I have to start preparing for the test that is going to happen next week. 3) I need to cut vegetables for tomorrow’s cooking. “Busy thinking?” Suresh stops my train of thoughts and bring me to the present state. I wash the last plate and keep it on the sink shelf. “Aishu?” i ask him. “She slept. I came to help you,” he says and takes the cutting board for vegetables, without even asking me and sits on the floor of the kitchen. He knows me perfectly. “Did aunty sleep?” i ask him washing the vegetables for cutting. “She slept an hour ago. I waited for some time to make sure that she is sleeping.” I sit on the floor opposite to him and start cutting carrot. He takes some from my basket and starts cutting his own. “Ready to say, the long story?” he asks me looking in between the cuts. I give a long breath out and start saying from the first  fact of me meeting Sahana and end with how i narrowly escaped a big accident.”I cant believe he is your College Principal’s son!” Suresh looks at me stunned with the knife in his hands. “Why?” i ask him. “He looks so simple and he was really friendly.” “Yes. He is,” I say secretly feeling happy for that fact.

My manager shout to the core when i call him and inform him that i got into an accident and that delayed the submission of my targets. I try to convince him, but he is too angry to hear out what i am saying. “Sir, please, i ll be right there in  the morning and give you everything,” i try to act very polite. “Yes, be right here and submit everything,” he says finally in a chilling voice. “Thanks sir.” ” I dont need your thanks. You are not needed anymore Madhu. I dont want to give any work to you hereafter. Submit the targets tomorrow and get all the due amounts you have from the finance manager,” he says and cuts the call without even waiting for my reply. I stare at the phone screen that shows call ended display. I want to smack the phone on the floor and shout till my heart feels ok. But i silently sit on the floor and look my sleeping sister. As usual i start saying the lines my mother taught me, when i was a kid. “WHATEVER THE PROBLEM BE, WHOEVER THE ENEMY BE, HOW MUCH PAIN IT BE, I WILL WITHSTAND EVERYTHING.” I repeat the lines mentally and think about my mother, which brings more pain. With that pricking pain, i take the Java book and start reading it.

My morning starts as usual, but my mood is not that good as yesterday. Suresh finds my mood and maintain silence. My aunt as usual shout at me for making a horrible breakfast. I avoid all these things and try to eat my bread. “Will my guardian come today?” Aishu asks me eating her last piece of bread. “Who?” i ask confused. “My guardian, yesterday we met him in the hospital.” “You are talking about Arjun,:” i say her smiling. “Yes, Arjun, my guardian.” I smile seeing how she is involved in that game Arjun introduced. “I dont think you will meet your guardian again. ” “Why? he promised me that he will come again to meet me.” “He will be busy ok, dont pester him.” She looks sad and continues eating her bread toast. I wonder what magic this guy had made to everyone around me. Suresh likes him, Sahana likes him and even more my shy sister who dosent  get well with others too like him. My phone rings suddenly. Aishu as usual grab my phone and answer it. “Give me the phone Aishu,” i stretch my hand. “Oh its my guardian,” she shouts, smiling eye to eye looking at me. “What?” i gasp. It cant be. Arjun dosent know my number. Even more why he is calling right in the morning. “I am good, how are you?” Aishu talks to him. I look at her still not able to believe that she is talking to Arjun. Aishu hands my phone and say that he wanted to talk to me. I place the receiver in  my ear and hear his voice,”Madhu……..”


My Life With You


Tears run down my cheeks making my vision blur. I dont know what made me cry like that. I dont know why my heart feels so hurt for a stranger, who i barely know. “Hey, what is this?” Arjun sounds mortified. “I made this to you,”I say wiping my eyes and trying to control my tears, which flows without a break. “You didn’t do anything. Ok. Just relax now,” he sounds feared as well as soothing. I automatically obey his words and try to relax myself. I wipe my tears and look at him. “Now, you look ok,” he says with a smile. I shake my head and say, “I wont accept that i am not the reason for your present state.” “Its not you, but me….” “Please dont say anything. I am the full responsible person for your hand being like this.” Arjun opens his mouth to say something, but he gets distracted when a doctor enters the room. “Arjun,” the doctor says smiling. “Hello Sharma Uncle,”Arjun says waving his non-bandaged hand. “Oh, your hand looks a mess,” Dr. Sharma says and sits on the bed where Arjun is sitting. “Don’t mind that. How are you? I thought of visiting you early by next week.” “What a shame, what a shame, now look, you are here.” “Your bad energy made me come here. You are totally evil uncle.” The doctor smiles and reply,”Yes. Look what is really going to happen to you because of my bad energy.” I look between them and get confused by their odd conversation. Arjun notices my puzzled face and grins widely. “Uncle, you have to meet my friend Madhu Mitha,” Arjun points me to Dr. Sharma. I give a faint smile to him. “Hello, Hello what a pretty girl,” he says turning to my side. “Madhu, he is Sharma uncle. He is a doctor here,” Arjun says to me. “Oh,” i give him a one word answer as i didn’t know what to say further. Sharma uncle smiles at me and shows his hand for a shake. ‘Oh what is this? why everyone wanted to shake their hands with me today.’ I take my hand and shake with him. “Are we friends?” he asks just like Arjun asked me this morning. I blink a second and shake my head. “Great meeting you Madhu Mitha, we ll see later. Take care of this ugly boy,” he says and gets up. “Are you going?” Arjun asks him. “Yes, ugly boy, i have one patient to look.Bye,” he says and moves out. Arjun laughs when i see him with a quizzical look. “Who is he?” i ask him. “My uncle,” he replies. “Your uncle means, i dont understand.” “If i say, he is my uncle, then you should obviously think that he is my father’s brother.” “Father’s brother?” i repeat after him. “Yes.” “Why he  is talking in that way.” “What way?” “He was calling you ugly boy, he said your hands were a mess…” “Thats the way he shows his love to me.” “I dont get it.” “Well, to his point, he is showing his love towards me. He is always like this. Kind of funs isn’t it?” “I don’t get this sarcastic way of showing your love to someone,” I say in disbelief. “You are kind of that way, you know,” Arjun says with quirk smile. I open my mouth to say something but find my cousin Suresh along with  my sister Aishwariya entering the room.

“Madhu,” my sister runs towards me. “What are you doing here?” I ask her and look at Suresh for explanation. “I waited for you, the toy factory manager called home and said you didn’t come today to submit your outputs. So I went to your college and found from some students  that you got hurt,” he says and gives a pause to look at Arjun. “Hi,” Arjun says to Suresh. Aishwariya hides behind me and peeps at Arjun for a better look. Suresh look at me asking a signal to respond. I show my eyes to him, that he is not a problem. Its a kind of way we have developed from childhood to communicate. After getting my signal, Suresh smiles at him and says hi. “I am Arjun,” Arjun says with a big smile. Suresh shakes his head and says, “Nice meeting you.” “He saved me from an accident today while crossing roads. He got hurt because of the that,” I say to Suresh. “Its not a big deal,” Arjun says turning his attention to Aishwariya. Aishu hides behind me to avoid meeting him. “Why are you hiding, princess?” Arjun address Aishu who is squinting behind my legs. “I am not,” she says and steps next to me shyly. “Princess, you look good in your pretty frock,” Arjun says and salutes looking at her. Aishu giggles and ask him, “Am I  a princess?” “Yes Princess, you are the princess and I am your guardian,” Arjun says and bows his head for Aishwariya.

Suresh tries to pay the bill, but Arjun declines the fact, saying that they wont be getting any bill as his uncle Sharma will take care of that. Suresh shakes his head for everything as he is confused with the total situation. I need to explain him, who this Arjun is actually. All the time we stayed there, Arjun and Aishwariya were so busy in their Princess- Guardian world while Ram uncle and Suresh took care of all the medicines and test reports. Its was almost night when we came out of the hospital. Suresh and I went before, while Arjun, Aishwariya and Ram uncle followed us. Suresh calls an auto and looks back at Aishwariya to come.”We need to go home,”he  say to her. “We can all go in my car,” Arjun says to Suresh and come near us. “No thanks,” Suresh replies. “Its not a big deal bro, look Madhu’s leg is not in good condition.” “I don’t mind travelling in an auto. Thanks though,” I say and extend my hand for Aishu, who is standing with Arjun. She takes my hand and waves him a bye. “Ok fine,” he says waving his hand. I say a quick thanks to Ram uncle and take the auto. When we turn away from the hospital, my eyes trail over the still standing Arjun, whose eyes is also looking at me which defiantly holds the world’s kindness……..

My Life With You


Crossing a road is not my cup of tea always. Every time i struggle a lot while crossing a road. Suresh, my cousin, will be there always to guide me, but today i stand alone outside my college looking panicked to cross the road. I take my steps forward and  come back when i see vehicles approaching. “May i know what are you doing?” Arjun steps next to me from no where and flashes his, ‘i am going to make fun of you’ look. “I dont want to hear your jokes right now,” i say irritated. “Are you always like this?” “Like what?”I snap. “Lets say, rude mixed with vanity.” He has just said me that i am rude. “I am, who i am. I am not asking you to talk to me. I am not asking you to be my friend. Ok. Clear,” I say and turn my head away from him. “So we are friends, I didn’t know that,” he says smiling. I shake my head in disbelief. Why people are behaving strangely towards me, my mind asks me. I ignore him and move towards the road and thats when a truck rushes to my side. Within a fraction of second, Arjun pulls me and together we fall down. A strong pain shoots in my right leg, where i see blood oozing slowly. My surrounding spins and i feel like vomiting. “Are you ok?” Arjun asks me and thats when i realize that he is lying next to me on the road with scratches on his right hand. “O my god, what happened to your hand?” i ask him. As it is outside the college campus, people start surrounding us.’ Help! Help! ‘ someone cries. “Are you ok?” Arjun asks me again and tries to get up. Some girls help me sit up and collect my bag, which is now torn every where. “Arjun, Arjun….,” shouts a old man and come near us. He helps Arjun to get up. Arjun shouts in pain, when that man touches his right hand. “Sorry, Arjun,” that man apologies and his face really shows worries for Arjun’s pain. I try to get up and fail when my legs feel the pain. Arjun holds me when i fall down again. “Ram uncle, help her first,” Arjun says to the old man and immediately that old man sweeps me from the ground and carries me in his arms, as if i weight nothing. Arjun follows us carrying my torn bag. That old man carries me and makes me sit in a car’s back seat and occupies the driving seat.Following him, Arjun sits next to him. “What? I am mean, what are you doing?” i finally speak. “Lets us  go to a hospital,” Arjun says. The old man starts the car, as Arjun said about hospital. “But no. I dont want to go there. I have to go to some other place,” i protest. “You cant even stand properly, did you know that. Ram uncle take us to a hospital,” Arjun says giving me, one of his angriest look. “I dont want to go,” i say trying to move. But pain pricks my leg when i try to move it. Both the old man and Arjun remain silent. I scold myself for making such a mess. Now i have to go late to the factory, where i have promised to submit the dolls by time. Aishwariya, my sister, has do all the works my aunt ask her to do. “Listen, i have an important work. I have to go,” i try to convince them. Both of them keep silent. “Arjun please,” i say at last not knowing what to say to stop them from taking me to a hospital. “What work?” he turns and asks me. I tell him that i work in a doll factory, where i have to submit my targets today. He looks surprised. “Which factory?” the old man asks me. “Heritage ltd, but my products are in my friends house.” “We will go there after visiting the hospital. Thats it no more arguments,” Arjun says controlling his pain.

Doctors asks us both to take scan and X ray. The old man guides us both to the required testing rooms. I go and see a lady doctor while Arjun meets with a male  doctor. “Your leg got sprained a little, nothing to worry,” the lady doctor ushers me. I breath normally hearing her words. “But i feel pain when i walk?” i ask her when she starts writing my prescription. “Thats nothing. We have given a pain killer injection to you, so dont worry about the pain anymore. Sleep tight today and you wont fell the pain tomorrow,” she says smiling and hands my prescription. “Thanks doctor,” i say and leave the room walking slowly. When i come out of the room, i find the old man waiting for me. “They said, its nothing,” i say to him. He nods his head sadly and walks me towards a chair and make me sit. “What happened?” i ask him. “Arjun… Arjun got his hand fractured.” My environment feels suddenly strange to me. ‘Arjun got his hand fractured…’ i hear the words again and again. Without saying anything i get up from the chair and walk toward his room.

In a bed, Arjun sits with big bandages covering his right hand. “Hey! what happened? Are you ok?” he asks me when he sees me inside the room. He checks my leg and find a bandage. “I am ok,” i say to him and sit on a chair opposite to him. The old man follows me and enters the room. He immediately looks sad when he sees the big bandage in Arjun’s hand. “Ram uncle, take Madhu to her friend’s house and then make sure she reaches the factory,” Arjun says. “No. I will go there later,” i say. “You said today is your target day.” “I can say something to them.” “Ok. Then your wish.” I keep silent for a minute and ask him. “Your hand, is it paining?” He looks at me and nods his head. Guilty feeling fills me. If i have seen the truck properly before moving, nothing would have happened now. “I am sorry,” i say to him controlling my tears. “I should say that to you. If i was not there to tease you, you would have seen the truck coming.” Whatever tears which i have been holding for a long time burst open and flow down form my eyes………



My Life With You

My Life With You


Professor Reddy was not that much old, as i imagined. His photos in the webpages of the college showed him much older than the real one. He walks inside my class briskly and occupies the stage. Viraj walks behind him and stays near him. We all stand up and respect him, some with fear, some with respect, and like me some with excitement. He is the man of the college, very well know by his research works in the field of computer science. Many students  opt Computer Science as their field, only because of him. He asks us to take our seats. He scans the entire class for a few seconds and he starts talking. “Good Afternoon,” he say and waits for us to reply him back. “Good. I am so glad to meet my new friends. I am so glad that you will all work with me.” Some students shout ‘Thank you sir’. “Well well, i am here to tell you, my friends, that there is going to be a project work which you all have to think about. Did you guys know about that?” he asks the students raising his eyebrow. ‘Yes sir,’ I  hear a chorus and even i see someone standing and telling him that he is so much interested in doing that. Professor Reddy gives us his smile and starts talking about the project work again. He explains that only 2 people as a team will be able to do that and he also explains how important that project work is going to be in our education and as well as career. “Remember, my dear friends, only two among you can get that opportunity. So be wise and act wise. Your senior Viraj will explain all the other details. Wish you all the best,” he says and moves out flashing his enthusiastic smile.

“Attention class,” Viraj now address the class. “Ok . You guys might have heard about what Professor Reddy said. Its an valuable opportunity and please my advice is don’t fail to grab them.” He gives a pause and again continues. “There is going to be a test next week. The test which will help you to grab that project with Professor Reddy.” “What kind of test?” someone gets up and asks Viraj. “Every year, the pattern of the test will change. So this year it will be on Java coding.” People around the class immediately start talking about what they know in that subject. “I am sure going to flop it,” Sahana says and shakes her head in disappointment. I think what I know in that field. My chances are really hard too. I know only certain things about this Java coding. “I know its bit difficult for you guys. But there is no other option. Its a kind of situation were you have to do or die,” Viraj ends his speech looking really serious. “Sir?” one stout guy from the last seat stands up. “Yes,” Viraj replies. “Sir, how to prepare for this test?” “Good question. You can access the library books, you can also ask help from your seniors or some other people. You have one week. Make sure you utilize that properly,” he says and fix his eyes on me as if the words he said are meant for me.

I search the entire row of the library to find a book which is good for learning Java coding. But I confuse myself which one to choose. I walk around checking as much as many books I can and try to come to a conclusion. “Confused Madhu?” I see Viraj leaning on a book a rack with his hands folded and watching me. “Sir,” I say not knowing what to say. He smiles and walks towards me. Why the hell, he is coming again and again, I think myself with a scowl. “You know Effective Java by Josh Bloch is a good  book for the starters in Java coding,” he says and picks a book from a rack behind me and hands that to me. I check the book, by flipping around the pages and its contents. “You know there is also website called Scribd, where you can learn this stuff about Java.” “Scribd,” I repeat after him and nod my head. “Thanks,” I reply again after some time. He smiles and shakes his head approving. “So, are we friends? or you are still scared of me sweet heart?” “I am not scared of you sir.” “Then,” he shows his hand towards me for a shake. I hesitate a minute, thinking that he is going to force me to shake his hand again. But he remains silent and waits for me to respond. I give the negative feeling about him from my mind and shake his hand, not knowing what his thoughts are…….